La Crosse Technology WS-1510U-IT Professional Weather Station

La Crosse WS-1510U-IT Weather Station
La Crosse WS-1510U-IT Weather Station
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Warning:  Reviews of this weather station are bad.  See below for an overview of the La Crosse WS-1510U-IT Weather Station but be sure to see customer reviews of this model before purchasing.

La Crosse WS-1510U-IT Weather Station Features

  • Pro weather station with three remote wireless sensors
  • Displays outdoor humidity, rainfall, temperature, wind speed, and wind chill
  • Weather alarms with storm warning and min/max temperature recordings
  • Displays time in 12- and 24-hour.  Features a crescendo alarm

La Crosse Professional Weather Station Description

WS-1510U-IT Professional Weather Station gives information on a wide range of weather information and is simple to learn to use. It transmits via a 915 MHz transmission with a wireless range up to 330 feet. Also, features, Wind gust, direction, and speed, rain data, Inside temperature and outside humidity with weather alarms with storm warning. In addition, 3 forecast icons with tendency arrow, barometric pressure with 12 hour history graph, 12/24 hour time with crescendo alarm


La Crosse WS-1510U-IT Reviews

We really had to search to find any good reviews of this weather station. For the most, reviews are overwhelmingly poor. For example, at Amazon, only a single customer gave this model more than 1 star.

La Crosse weather stations usually receive outstanding reviews, so there must be a flaw with this model. Before purchasing, be sure to see our other reviews of similar weather stations that have received much better ratings from customers.

You can read some of the the poor reviews here.