Wireless Home Weather Stations

Wireless home weather stations are perfect when you are constantly on the move and want to be kept up to date with the latest atmospheric and weather conditions. With no wires to connect the device to the outdoor sensor, you can easily move these models to various rooms of your house.

Perfect for the amateur meteorologist, wireless home weather stations can keep track of a variety of weather conditions such as temperature, wind speed, air pressure, humidity, and amount of rain. Many of these neat devices also come equipped with built-in weather alarms to alert you of upcoming bad weather and storms.

All wireless home weather stations will allow you measure temperature both indoor and out. Some more sophisticated models come with muliple sensors allowing you to place them at various locations around your home, yard, and garden. Some also come with the ability to connect to your computer and use additional weather related software.

Some Top Wireless Home Weather Stations

La Crosse Technology Wireless Weather Station WS-7014CH-IT

An inexpensive weather station with good customer reviews, this wireless home weather station reads indoor temperature, outdoor temperature, and humidity. Using air pressure information, it will predict and forecast the weather with up to 75 accuracy. It is compatible with up to three additional outdoor or remote sensors. Keeps accurate time with the included clock receiving it’s information from the atomic clock in Fort Collins, CO.

The Weather Channel Sun/Moon Wireless Home Weather Station WS-9016TWC

This nifty weather station from The Weather Channel will give you information on the sun and moon from forty-five different cities in the United States. Includes sun rise, moon rise, sun set, moon set, and phases of the moon. It measures and reports indoor humidity and the temperature both indoors and outdoors. This unit is compatible with up to 3 outdoor sensors up to approximately 80 ft away. It’s weather forecast icon will give you predictions based on air pressure for any twelve to twenty hour period of time. Includes atomic clock for accurate time keeping.

La Crosse Professional Wireless Home Weather Station

Measuring temperature in F and C, humidity, wind chill, and wind direction, this higher end weather center comes with wireless pc connection and software, completely wireless outdoor sensors, wireless solar power wind sensors, and wireless rain sensors. The included software will store your weather and meteorological statistics, create graphs and reports, and update your settings. It allows for weather prediction and forecasting and contains alerts and warnings for severe weather and storms.

Wireless home weather stations are perfect for the budding or want-to-be meteorologist. Pick one up today and you’ll be predicting the weather better than your local TV weather person!