Conant Vermont Weather Station / Thermometer TH-6SS

Vermont Stainless Steel Weather Station
Conant Vermont Weather Station
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Conant Vermont Stainless Steel Weather Station Review

The Conant Vermont "Weather Station" / Thermometer monitors both the temperature and humidity. Constructed from stainless steel, it uses a 4.25 inch diameter thermometer dial with a 1 inch hygrometer dial and an outdoor swivel arm bracket for mounting at just the right angle. These classic weather instruments combine practical simplicity with timeless design. The stainless steel housing will endure well outdoors because it is naturally resistant to corrosion. Even left unattended, the stainless steel will…

  • Stainless Steel and Glass Construction
  • Fully Adjustable
  • Monitors Temperature and Humidity
  • Install onto house corners or patio pillars; the adjustable arm support enables users to position to individual specifications
  • Guaranteed for Life!