RainWise MK-III-RTI Wireless Pro Weather Station

RainWise MK-III-RTI Wireless Pro Weather Station
RainWise MK-III-RTI Pro Weather Station
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MK-II Solar Powered Wireless Pro Weather Station

The RainWise MK-III is a weather enthusiasts dream come true. The MK-III Weather Station measures temperature, barometric pressure, rainfall, wind speed, wind direction, wind chill, dew point, temperature and heat index, and more including maximum and minimum temperatures and clock and calendar.   

The MKIII comes with a large and easy to read multi-display, whicih allows you to view a variety of weather data at quick glance.  The display comes in a variety of finishes such as Cherry and Mahogany and can be mounted on a wall or set up on a table.

The RainWise MKIII Professional Weather station is known for being easy to set-up and use.  It comes with a solar-powered, wireless sensor array that is sturdy and can function for years without service. The MKIII has a transmission range of up to 400 feet allowing you to place the multi-display almost anywhere in your home or office.  You can make use of the MKIII computer interface to collect and analyze weather information.  The MKIII sensor array can transmit weather information to more than one receiver, such as both the computer interface and Weather Oracle display, at the same time.

All RainWise products come with a full 2 year warranty and are made in the USA.  The included solar panel is guaranteed for a full five years.


RainWise MK-III-RTI Wireless Pro Weather Station Features

  • 2 second update intervals
  • Rain Guage using tipping bucket technology
  • Barometric pressure and trend indicator
  • Indoor & Outdoor Humidity
  • Wind Speed - Current and Min/Max
  • Wind Direction
  • Wind Chill
  • 400 feet tranmission distance through 2 walls
  • Solar powered sensor arrays
  • Inside and Outside Temperatures, including min/max
  • Heat Index & Dew Point

RainWise MK-III Weather Station Review

Sample Customer reviews of the RainWise Weather Station

I have had the RainWise MKIII weather station for 5 years now and had to replace the water gauge board once over this period of time. Unfortunately, it was out of warrantee but they gave me a replacement for no charge. I think this weather station is as good as they can get. I have had other brands of stations other than RainWise and I've never had close to the same success. I will buy another RainWise weather station when this one finally goes.

I have pruchased two Rainwise weather stations in the past decase. When they work, they are great weather machines, but sometimes their engineering is not always able to hold up under extreme weather conditions.