Oregon Scientific WMR100 Professional Wireless Weather Station

Oregon Scientific WMR100 Weather Station
Oregon Scientific WMR100 Weather Station
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Oregon Scientific Professional Wireless Weather Station Review WMR100

Product Description
You’re going to love forecasting and capturing weather information with the Oregon Scientific WMR100 Professional Wireless Weather Station.  This Oregon Scientific wireless weather station comes with features such as a  rotary dial for instant access to weather information.  You can monitor six different weather measurements at the touch of a dial!  This wireless weather station includes an Atomic alarm clock…never worry about daylight savings time as it will set itself. Super simple setup is possible with an all-in-one sensor pole, and it’s easy to expand the sensors for additional ...


WMR100 Features

  • Displays temperature, humidity, barometric pressure, wind and rainfall data
  • Bar graph shows 24 hour history of barometric, UV index and rainfall data
  • Wind sensor provides information on wind speed, gust and direction
  • Displays dew point, wind chill and heat index
  • Displays three levels of temperature and humidity trends: Rising, Steady or Falling

Oregon Scientific Professional Weather Station Reviews

Although we've been able to find some bad reviews of this weather station, by and large the reviews are very good. Most positive reviews (and even some negative) rave about the WMR100's accuracy. 

Here are some sample customer reviews:

Great Weather Machine and great product.  Held up through heavy snow storms.  Had it for three years now and is still as accurate as day 1.  Highly recommend.

The best weather station you can buy under $200. For many months I had debated over buying the WMR 100, but when I finally did, it proved to be a great decision. Oregon Scientific has a very well-designed product that puts LaCrosse to shame, especially when it comes to wind and temperature readings.

And here are a couple negative reviews of the WMR 100

We were anot able to get the wind speed component on this weather station to work correctly.  Everything else worked fine. We returned the unit for another one and it was sent out immediately, but after receiving the replacement we couldn't get it to work again.

When this weather station worked, it was a great weather machine. But as soon as it saw a little bad weather it started to die a little at a time.