Oregon Scientific BAR208HGA Advanced Weather Station

Oregon Scientific Weather Station BAR208HGA
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Oregon Scientific Weather Station BAR208HGA

No matter the weather conditions outside, The Oregon Scientific Weather Station BAR208HGA will provide you with all you need to be aware of to make certain the morning kicks off great.

Showing the weather outlook using visual icons, you might never consider if you’ll need a raincoat, umbrella, or showshovel again. This weather station monitors and displays both outdoor and indoor temperatures from as many as three distant regions. You are able to place a sensing unit outside the house in your back garden, one down in the basement of your home, and another up in the attic. You can then monitor all this information from the comfort of your livingroom or bedroom.


Oregon Scientific Advanced Weather Station Features

  • Weather predictions shown with graphical icons; weather alert and warning notification and messages; information on heat, wind, storms, fog and frost
  • Self-setting atomic clock in 12/24 hr format with time zone offset function and month/day calendar
  • Video display units outdoor and indoor temperatures and measures climat from as many as three remote destinations
  • Min/max temperature memory; large LCD and white EL Backlight for nighttime viewing

Oregon Scientific BAR208HGA Reviews

Reviews of the BAR208HGA Advanced Weather Station range from good to bad, but for the most part customers seem to be happy with this model.  The biggest complaints have to do with the display being hard to read and the batteries being difficult to change. 

Sample Positive Reviews of the Oregon Scientific BAR208HGA

I have owned my Oregon Scientific weather station for over a week now and I really love it. It's very easy to setup and use.  I mounted the sensor on a wall at the back of our house and reception has been excellent.  There are several walls between the weather station and the sensor and I've had no problems.  The screen is illuminated well by the orange back light. 

Well manufactured. It's always great when you buy an item that is so well designed that you don't need to read the instructions. You just keep poking the buttons and soon the whole device becomes logical in how everything works. Super job by Oregon Scientific!

Oregon Scientific BAR208HGA Negative Reviews

The display is very hard to read especially when there is any reflection.  The background is dark and it has low contract. So, if you have any windows nearby or lights you will be dealing with refections making the screen very hard to read.

I like this weather station for the most part, but there are a couple cons.  First, it's very difficult to see the screen from over a few feet away. Second, you must make use of a very small screwdriver to install or replace batteries on the sensor.