La Cross WS-2812U-IT Wireless Weather Station

La Cross WS-2812U-IT Wireless Weather Station
La Cross WS-2812U-IT Weather Station
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La Cross WS-2812U-IT Weather Station

The WS-2812 is billed as one of La Crosse Technology top Weather Stations.  Superior features of the La Cross Weather Station WS-2812U-IT include 100% Wireless Sensors, a Wind Sensor that is solar powered, and included software for your computer.  The software includes wireless pc connection and will collect and display weather data.

The La Cross Pro Wireless Weather Station is 100% wireless and displays and analyzes a number of weather conditions by making use of a thermo-hygro sensor, a self-emptying rain gauge, as well as a solar-powered wind sensor.  The display on this weather station includes a weather forecasting icon, temperatures for both inside and outside, indoor/outdoor humidity, wind chill, wind speed, wind direction, air pressure, rainfall (total and rates), dew points, and more.  Worried about upcoming storms?  This weather station will sound an alarm when bad weather is approaching!

WS-2812U-IT Weather Station Features

  • Displays Temperatures from -39 degrees to 139 degrees F
  • Displays Humidity in RH% from 1% to 99%
  • Gives minimu and maximum values of both indoor and outdoor temperatures, humidity, and dew point
  • Wind direction displayed using cool LCD compass display
  • Gives total rain numbers for last hour, last day, last week, and last month
  • Sounds the alarm for temperature, wind gusts, humidity, and more

La Cross WS-2812U-IT Weather Station Review

Reviews of the La Cross WS-2812 are mixed, with only around 48% of all customers rating this weather station as 4 stars or better (out of 5).  44% of the reviews we've found are from customers giving this unit only 1 star. 

Sample Positive Reviews

I have simply had zero problems with this weather station. I followed the directions to a tee and had no problems setting it up or synchronizing the sensors.  Was able to set up the display with the PC, and everything is working flawlessly wirelessly.  The PC software really makes this weather station more enjoyable.

I love this weather station. Only problem I've had is the time is takes to communicate with my computer seems slow at times, but other than that is was easy to set up and is accurate.

Sample Negative Reviews

The wind sensor stopped working after only 3 days. If you're going to purchase this weather station, make sure you test it before you spend hours setting it up or bolting it down to anything.

I am now on my second WS-2812U-IT.  With the first one, anemometer stopped working after two days.  With the second one, the anemometer never worked at all.