Honeywell TE821W Wireless Weather Station

Honeywell TE821W Wireless Weather Station
Honeywell Weather Station TE821W
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Honeywell TE821W Wireless Weather Station Review

The Honeywell Wireless Weather Station was created to help you monitor and collect data on a variety of different weather conditions. The Honeywell TE821W is equipped with a raing gauge, wind gauge, thermometer, atomic clock, and a barometer and has the capability to measure indoor temperature, outdoor temperature, wind speed, wind direction, rainfall amounts, and humidity.


Honeywell TE821W Features

  • Monitors and displays information on both indoor temperature and outdoor temperature
  • Monitors humidity
  • Measures rainfall amounts, wind speed , wind direction, wind chill, and barometric pressure
  • US Atomic Clock sets itself automatically for accurate times
  • Backlit LED display allows for easy reading.  Lights up on auto in low light
  • Equipped with a Moon Phase Calendar

Honeywell TE821W Wireless Weather Station Reviews

Reviews of the Honeywell TE821W are mixed. We have seen very few customers rate this as a 5-star unit, but most are happy with the performance and features you get for the price.

Sample Positive Reviews

A great value with good features and function. MUCH better than competing LaCrosse units. My biggest complaints is the number of screws.  It will take you 10 minutes to change the batteries.

Very Good for the money.  It's hard to find another weather station that has similar features for the same amount of money.  Assembly was difficult however and instructions need to be improved.

Negative Reviews:

In the less than 6 months we've had our station, the Anemometer died. I replaced the batteries and moved the receiver to within 50 feet of the Anemometer and confirmed that the wind speed/direction/temperature unit is just plain dead.

We purchased one of these a few years ago. It worked wonderfully at first, but started to fail after 6 months. First, one of the remote temperature sensors, then a few months ago the wind gauge quit working and a few days ago the rain gauge stopped working.