Davis Wireless Weather Station - Vantage Pro 2

vantage pro 2 weather station
Davis Vantage Pro-2 Weather Station
List Price: $595.00
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If you’re interested in meteorology, weather forecasting, storm watching, or are just a weather enthusiast at heart, a home weather station is a must. The type of station your purchase will depend of a variety of factors. If you’re looking only for something to measure temperature or if you don’t plan on spending a considerable amount of time and energy on the hobby, then there are many inexpensive weather stations that work extremely well. But few have the features or can match the quality of the Davis Wireless Weather Station Vantage Pro2 which offers everything that an amateur weather enthusiast would ever want or need.

The Davis Wireless Weather Station Vantage Pro 2 is considered by many weather enthusiasts to be the best near professional weather station on the market today – especially at the cost. There are other quality of manufacturers of professional stations like Rainwise and Weather Hawk, but their prices can run two to three times the cost of the Vantage Pro2.

One of the biggest problems with inexpensive weather stations is the range of the signal. What good is it to have a weather system and not be able to place sensors in your garden, on your porch, and through various areas of your yard? The Davis Vantage Pro2 weather station allows for sensors to be placed up to 1000 feet away. It makes use of frequency hopping to minimize interference, ensuring fast and reliable wireless signals and delivery of statistics and information.

If you’re looking for features, this Davis weather station has just about everything a weather or forecasting enthusiast could want. There are sensors that allow you to track, measure and analyze barometric pressure, inside humidity, outside humidity, dew point, rainfall amounts, rain storm amounts, rain rates, inside temperature, outside temperature, heat index, wind chill, wind speed, wind direction, and the direction of high speed. Wind speed is updated every two and a half seconds, which is a wonderful feature that ensures that you never miss out on fast changing weather patterns like strong wind gusts or microbursts. Outside temperature, wind chill, and heat index are updated every 10 seconds, rainfall statistics every 20 seconds, and barometric pressure every minute. There are also a number of extremely useful optional sensors you can add that will allow you to track and measure evapotranspiration, leaf wetness, soil moisture, solar radiation, UV radiation, UV MEDs, and more.

All of the information and statistics you collect can be transferred to your computer so you can take advantage of one of many weather software programs available or even use the information to run your home sprinkler system.

Additional features include:

  • Weather forecasting based your location using air pressure, humidity, temperature, rain, and wind.
  • Saves and tracks 6 months of information
  • Built in special alerts and warnings including storm warnings, storm clearing alerts, flash flood warnings, rainstorm warning, wind speed alerts, daily evapotranspiration amount warning, daily UV dose alert, and others.  You can also program you own alerts and warnings.