Chaney Instrument Wireless Weather Station

Chaney Instrument Wireless Weather Station
Chaney Instrument Weather Station 593W
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Chaney Instrument Wireless Weather Station Review

The Chaney Wireless Weather Station will keep you top of the weather with an impressive array of features.  The Chaney Weather Station comes with Atomic clock, a calendar,indoor/outdoor humidity , indoor/outdoor temperature, and moon phase.  You also get a pressure indicator, which is used to give the weather forecast for the upcoming day.

Chaney Weather Station Features

  • Chaney Wireless Weather Station
  • Measures both indoor and outdoor temperature
  • Comes with an Atomic clock with alarm
  • Calendar (Month-Date-Day)
  • Barometric pressure
  • Forecasts the weather

Chaney Wireless Weather Station Review

Reviews of the Chaney Instrment Wireless Weather Station are very good overall, with very few negative reviews to be found.

I hunted for a weather station that would include all the usual stuff PLUS the humidity (important in Florida). The Chaney Wireless Weather Station works great and is very accurate for both the indoors sensor and the outdoor one.

I received this weather station as a gift for my birthday, and overall I am very impressed with the design, accuracy, and size of display. As a major weather nut, I have five other weather stations to compare readings, and this chaney weather station is dead accurate.

Sample Negative reviews:

Multiple defect, instantly had to return. Faulty LCD screen,  Remote humidity reading invalid.  It's also very hard to tighten screws around sensors.

Just a so so product with bad programming. The programming and design is a mess. The Forcast (never right), pressure trends and moon phases are scrolling icons.